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Safety Equals Success

Safe Zone Services uses modern non-invasive methods to locate public and private utilities. We deliver locates in a timely and cost effective manner. Our well-trained staff assess each locating opportunity then customize and apply a detailed safety plan to minimize risk of a possible damage to utility infrastructure. Accuracy with very high quality is key when delivering locates. Stay safe by hiring our company for your next locating endeavor.


Our Company Mission


Safety is our companies vocation. It is our guiding principal that has been implemented throughout the entire company from workforce to leadership.


We are a equal employment opportunity firm. We offer employment opportunites to all ethnicities, male and female. We pride ourselves on having a wide range of diversified experience.


Clarity is a major priority for our company. We’ve earned and gained the trust of several utility companies with their prime contractors by creating a transparent culture throughout every phase in every project we have had the honor to be apart of.


The “same old same” practices and concepts aren’t good enough here at our company. Everyday we challenge ourselves to create innovative ideas to improve the quality of our industry and the communities we serve. Our company is always optimizing to stay relevant while creating opportunities to underserved communities. Safe Zone Services is in full augmentation 365 days a year

Safe Zone Services Strives to Exceed Customers Expectations