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Safe Zone Traffic Control is owned and operated by Charles D. Avery III, a 15-year veteran construction contractor. He is a graduate of Turner School of Construction Management and a Board Member of the Laborers’ International Union of North America branch. Mr. Avery has served in various capacities for many of the Chicagoland area’s most notable construction companies. These include:

Walsh Group, the 11th largest construction company in the nation. Avery is a union steward for Walsh Group and works on its concrete and litter abatement crews.

Pepper Construction, one of Chicago’s oldest and preeminent construction companies and its 5th largest still today. Avery served as a union steward and worked on the company’s crews for traffic control, demolition and litter abatement.

W.E. O’Neil Construction Company, cited as one of Engineering News Record’s (ENR’s) Top 100 Green Companies. Avery served as a union steward for the company and worked on its litter abatement, concrete and traffic control crews.Awaiting Project Information


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